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Today’s celebration of the intersection of good restaurant design and tantalizingly delicious food photos come from New York City, a place arguably more chockfull of good restaurants than perhaps any other in the world. Rouge Tomate, a restaurant known for its culinary delights, also delights our senses with a good-looking dining area and some interesting details.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we love the most about Rouge Tomate’s interior design the most. It’s a pretty huge-looking space, with multiple levels, and we like that the design firm, Bentel and Bentel, was still able to create rather intimate settings amongst all the square footage. We also enjoy the simple color palette of natural wood tones, creamy ivories and mere pops of red and green.

An interesting detail that really caught our eye is an undulating shelf/display wall that features fresh herbs and veggies displayed in lighted cubbies. This, along with the simple color palette, prove that Rouge Tomate is interested in promoting two things the most: good, healthy food and highlighting the colorful array of people who enjoy said tasty food.

Images: Taken from the Rouge Tomate NYC website
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