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Long have the effects of colors in an interior on a person’s mood been studied. Of all the different interior environments where we sense color, as you can imagine, the visitors of restaurants can be greatly affected by the type of color palette chosen. We enjoyed reading a recent article in Sherwin Williams’ Stir newsletter about color in restaurants called Material Color: You Eat With Your Eyes.

So what colors should restaurants utilize to bring in guests, drive up food sales and leave diners with a pleasant time? According to the paper “Restaurants Up Front” by Harold H. Alexander, cited in the Stir article, “Palettes of yellows and earth tones color my memories. Why? Because most yellow hues evoke warmth and happiness. Warm light makes people and food look great, and it complements the predominantly brown and green tones of food.”

Do these finding apply to modernly designed restaurants, where color is only one element out of all the design details that affect a visitor to the space?  Is there a color palette, regardless of whether it was placed in a cool, modern restaurant interior, that you remember absolutely ruining your appetite? Let us know! And check out the full article here.

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