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Featured Design Element: Modern Bathroom Sinks

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

It’s where you wash your hands after using the restroom (if you weren’t raised in a barn, of course); it’s where you wash your face and brush your teeth after a long day. Guests will judge you on it if it’s not up-to-snuff, and it’s been the subject of more than one marital argument over the amount of hair there within.

We speak about the bathroom sink, of course. While bathroom sinks come in more varieties than one could possibly ever inumerate in one tiny little blog post, we’re concerning ourselves with modern bathroom sinks. Those with clean lines, contemporary materials and striking shapes. We’re leaving this definition pretty broad because frankly, we like looking at photos of modern bathroom sinks. We’re hoping you do, too.

Also? We’re a little unnerved by modern sinks. Washing our faces in oddly-shaped bowls made of interesting materials is novel, but sometimes we just want like, a regular sink. What do you think? Do you have a modern sink?

Images: Furniture Fashion; Express-Furniture; Chictip; Pad Style and Modern Home Design

3 Comments to "Featured Design Element: Modern Bathroom Sinks"

  1. Sometimes I don’t like brushing my teeth in a modern sink because I don’t like having to spit into it and mess it up! Totally not kidding guys.

  2. Can this design be made in Corian? I realy like the material and its possibilities

  3. I can totally see where you’re coming from Adrienne! The sinks featured above look extremely modern and clean! They are pieces of art in my opinion, and Im sure they would look great in any bathroom!

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