Featured Craftsperson: The Weld House

Modern Decor

It’s hard to find craftspeople making truly unique furniture and home items these days, but we think we’ve done it with the folks from the Dallas, Texas-based design company Weld House. What makes their work so unique? This metal fabrication shop creates one-of-a-kind furniture pieces out of old and rusted cars!

Metal’s not always our favorite material to work with. We usually like the warmth and character that emanates from materials like wood, because we like pieces that tell a story. That’s probably why we love the Weld House’s work so much. Taking metal from cars from the 1950s to the 1980s and beyond, these furniture pieces have their own unique patinas, dents, and distinguishing marks that all tell a story of how a table or bed was once a vehicle!

And before you think furniture made out of old cars is hokey, we challenge you to find a hokey piece in their portfolio. Pieces are surprisingly modern and streamlined, and though they’re definitely statement pieces (meaning they won’t exactly blend in with your other furniture) they aren’t obnoxiously show-stealing.

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