Featured Craftsperson: Paul Loebach

Modern Decor

When the artistry of creativity and sheer talent meet the brilliance of concept and technology, you get the good-looking, crafted items of designer Paul Loebach. Sleek, sexy and smart, we’re loving his work and highlighting him in today’s featured craftsperson post.

There’s a distinct marriage between old and new with Paul Loebach’s work. He mixes futuristic ideas with those that have been around for awhile to produce a truly unique amount of design objects that almost put him in a category all his own. Take for instance his wood vases where he experiments with wood wood construction and CNC machining. Or his Handy Mirror that takes ideas from Shaker style hanging pegs and Art Nouveau sensibilities to create something that looks like it’s from the future (how?!).

Producing a very “how did he do that” quality, his work is quite enjoyable to peruse (and we bet would be awesome to own). Accomplish both owning his work or perusing it at his website.

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