Featured Craftsperson: Miro by Michael and Rony

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Batman and Robin. Captain and Tennille. Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. The world’s history is filled with pairs of people who when combined, create such a dynamic duo of creativity and wonder that we all get to partake in their joy. In the design world, we have the pair of creative folks named Michael and Rony, who are behind the design collective Miro.

To say that their design projects are so brilliant they’re almost out of our understanding is an understatement. But what we do get is that their work is gorgeous, thematic, conceptual and cool. We are especially in love with their project “The Basic Use of Language.”  They basically set out the idea that based on whatever language you use, the way it is constructed affects how you view the world and how you design. And the globalization of the world means many different things are becoming more and more similar. So they set out to create furniture pieces based on the differences and similarities of the Chinese and English language. In all the photos, the left photo is the objects in Chinese, the right photo is the objects in English.

For more information about this project and all that they are working on, check out their website. All images taken from their website, too.

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