Featured Craftsperson: Colleen and Eric

Modern Decor

As much as we love high-quality materials, strong skills and good-looking design, we’re also a sucker for cleverness, wit and a saucy sense of humor. We’ve fallen in love with the design duo of Colleen and Eric, out of Brooklyn, New York. They don’t have a huge portfolio of tons of projects, but what they lack in quantity they sure make up in enthusiasm (and clever quips).

There’s their Hold on Tight bookshelf, which ensures your lovely books will never topple over again with a movable wing-nut that you can tighten in place. Their Flock of Birds is an answer to the not-so-green trend of vinyl wall decals, featuring reversible bird shapes in thin wood veneers. Perhaps our favorite, the Northstar Table, requires you to find the North Star before you can open the drawer.

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