Featured Artist: Kristina Schlegel

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Charts. Graphs. Tables. DIAGRAMS. Science is sexy, and we’re hardly the only ones to think so. A big trend in interiors for a while now has been the display of scientific posters and other memorabilia on walls, and you might even remember spotting some Venn Diagrams in a previous Featured Artist post.

Why do we bring science back up again? Because we think science isn’t just sexy; we think it’s art, too. Case in point: graphic designer and scientific illustrator Kristina Schlegel. A master of infographics, a lover of charts and a whiz with adorable biological diagrams, Kristina’s work is functional, sure—she knows how to visually relay information. But we’re more interested in how cool everything looks! Bold colors, neat graphics, nice layouts—if this isn’t considered art, then we don’t know what is.

Do you think science is sexy? Do you look back on all your old science books from school warmly and regard it now as art?

For more cool graphics and graphic design, check out Kristina’s website. And we should probably admit we met Kristina awhile ago because not only does she have a keen eye for science, she also has a keen eye for architecture and design: she’s been an instrumental figure for AIA Austin’s Annual Homes Tour for a few years now.

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