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We read a quote today that said: “It’s art if can’t be explained…It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.” This is great news for us, as design bloggers, because sometimes you come across such wonderful work that words seems useless and unworthy in describing it. Case in point: the photography project “Pictures in Bed” by Jacob Pritchard.

Of all the spots in your home, your bed is certainly one of the most intimate, especially when it comes to allowing photographs in there (perhaps only the bathroom would top it, but who wants to see that?). It’s that intimate, peeping tom feeling that makes Pritchard’s project so fascinating. Giving people remotes and installing a camera, these portraits are true snapshots into people’s lives. And also quite beautiful. See how your bed life stacks up to others’ on the Pictures in Bed website.

Would you allow someone to install a camera over your bed?(Because you can totally sign up for a chance if you live in New York.)

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