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Man we’ve had a lot of holiday talk today. Let’s go for a nice, neutral, non holiday-themed post, shall we? We’ve got the perfect subject: artist Andrew Long. We first came across Andrew Long on the East Austin Studio Tour, a great collection of all the creative folks creating on the East side of Austin. We were bowled over by his work in two very important ways: one, there was a ton of it, and two, it was amazing.

Contemporary, abstract and full of heart, Andrew’s pieces are varied, colorful, bold, shy, brash, loud, quiet, heartwrenching and relaxing. If you’re wondering how artwork can have all these contrasting things in common, just think about one human being. Don’t they, too, represent a ton of walking dichotomies?

Andrew’s work is more than just modern shapes mingling with organic forms, it’s an aesthetic representation of the inner turmoil that exists within him as an artist, and we bet that it’s pretty representative of the inner turmoil that exists in most of us. In that way, choosing a piece of his work that speaks to you is almost like choosing a self-portrait—a colorful, bold and abstract one, we mean.

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