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We don’t profess to know a lot of about fashion, but one thing that eludes us every year is what sort of winter coat to buy. Depending on where you live in the world, this could even be a potentially life-threatening or life-saving decision, so there’s a lot riding on your choice of coat.

This year we’ve noticed a rise in the wearing of what we like to call the “puffy jacket.” Featuring a noticeable “puffiness” to said jacket, these usually are made of some slightly weather-resistant material, have cushion-y outlines due to stitching and are usually all one color. Both wearable for men and women, they have a casual and sporty look without making it seem like you’re about to hike the Adirondack.

Is there an interior design equivalent to the puffy jacket? We consider several suspects in the designs of the fabulous modern brand Fatboy and from the famous design brothers Bouroullec. Their designs manage to emulate the puffiness of puffy jackets without seeming traditional or tufted.

What do you think about the puffy trend, in interiors or in jackets? Do you spot a bit of this trend in or outside of your closet?

Images: Refinery 29;  Por Homme; Dwell.com and 2Modern.
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