Emerging Designer: Craig Steely

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It seems rather silly to call California architect Craig Steely an “emerging designer,” considering he first opened up his architecture firm in 1995. But remember, this weekly post is about spotlighting those designers and creative folks that, no matter how long they’ve been creating, are only finally receiving the attention they deserve.

Craig Steely totally fits that bill. He’s not some cookie-cutter modern architect churning out box-shaped homes for a steep profit; he attacks each project with a stunning precision and custom-made mindset, producing one-of-a-kind homes and other structures that really stand apart from the rest.

We think his sketch for the Sept/Oct Dwell magazine issue for his version of the “perfect urban living arrangement” (aptly named the Arthropod) and his description of it perfectly sum up why we love this guy so much:

“For me it would be an apartment with equal amounts indoor and outdoor space located close to amenities. Spaces and uses would be segmented, (thus the name Arthropod), giving the building shape, shadow and visual variety.”

This is an architect who really understands the times we are living in right now and has a real handle on the pulse of trends that are here to stay and trends that are a fresh take on old ideas. Check out the rest of his work on his website.

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