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DIY: Shelving Out of Steel Pipes

Categories: DIY + How To

Though the hardcore “industrial” trend in interiors is no longer the thing to incorporate in a space, we do see remnants of this tough-looking interior design style still pop up from time to time (and more and more recently, if this Shelter Pop post will have us believing), and occasionally, it even spices up an otherwise boring space.

Of course, the very BEST thing about industrial-looking home décor items is that they are usually super-functional. Like this DIY steel piping shelf project we came across on CrunchGear.

A simple frame of steel piping with cool metal pipe joints. Simple to make, and only really would take you needing to know how to measure and tell the hardware store what you need. More pictures and information on how to make it here!

Images: Simplified Building Concepts

4 Comments to "DIY: Shelving Out of Steel Pipes"

  1. yea so when the guy breaks in you have a weapon, “quick, to the bookshelves!”

  2. nice idea, i’ll make one at home. tks

  3. awesome idea! I want to try that too. thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing nice idea.i will also follow.

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