DIY: (Cute as a) Button tray

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As modern design lovers, we like to think we are impervious to home décor items that are too “cute” or “adorable,” but every now and then we come across something that we simply don’t have strong enough defenses to withstand. Luckily for 2modern readers, this cute item just so happens to be a how-to project, as well.

We were browsing through some of the projects on the great DIY website Instructables when we came across the very adorable project Make a Button Tray. Though we slightly object to defacing a good-looking wooden tray, you have to admit that the mere addition of four holes creates a pretty cute looking button tray.

This project hinges on finding just the right tray, but we can’t help but think this could be a fun project to do in an evening to impress guests with (or just enjoy in the private of your home if you are embarrassed about liking cute things). What do you think? Too cute? Or just cute enough?

Images: Instructables user modhomeecteacher

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