DIY: Branch Shaped Display Shelf

DIY + How To

Do we dare post two cutesy how-to projects in one week? We do. And another one from that great website Instructables, at that. I guess maybe we should be sure we don’t browse online how-to projects when we’re feeling particularly in the need for adorable. We especially love this one because it features one of the best things about doing DIY projects: the fact that you can often create a project for much cheaper than it would be to purchase a similar product.

Case in point: this Branch-Shaped Display Shelf. Now, we don’t necessarily like that this Instructables user copies the design she saw of a similar product at West Elm nearly exactly; we’d rather folks just let things they see spark creativity and imagination for custom projects. That being said, we think this project could be customized in a lot of different ways, depending on your needs. Perfect for a kid’s room, nature-inspired living room or bedroom corner, where would you put a project like this? And how would you customize it ?

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