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Zen and fantasy were the main words for Philippe Starck when he renovated the eclectic decoration of La Corniche, a 12 rooms small hotel in the South of France. The goal of his project was clear from the beginning: to respect the site’s connection to the beauty of its origin, avoid a break between the past and today, and explore the past to transform it into a contemporary style.

Clarity is one of the nine palettes of Pantone’s home and interiors 2011: it is defined by Pantone as “a very clean approach to design and color – uncomplicated and straightforward with no extraneous details. It is the essence of purity. This well-defined palette shows a striking contrast between the Zen of cool blues and greens, and the pristine presence of pure white, sparked by the opposite contrast of a mystical mauve, violet and Tibetan red.”

There is a current tendency to see the contemporary design in sensual and airy forms and colors. The future does not have to be cold but it can be presented in flowing and light materials.

LaCorniche was revived by keeping its historical elements in perspective yet with a touch of modern sensibility for its color and material selection. The metal pieces are made of 80% recycled aluminum, transparency is applied around the bathroom area, large pieces in the rooms appear light and reduced to simple forms and finally patterns add dimension with contrasting color compositions.

The guest rooms of LaCorniche are mostly decorated in poetic and “pristine presence of pure white” which evokes a sense of cozy escapism.

White invites to relaxation in dreamlike decoration with large mirrors and a touch of pastel accessories accent colors. White is brightly romantic yet it is sharply modern.

To preserve the character of the hotel, authentic design cement tile work is used for the entrance. The persian motifs inspired tile work defines the space and unrolls under the steps towards the entrance.

Emerald green tile works appears around the bar counter area with a combination of metal and white.

Yellow persian motif tile design is composed by Starck and made by Carocim.

Another sharp combination of colors red, white and black mingle nicely to create a graphic effect.

The playful mixing of classical old elements with modern comfort appeal to both mind and spirit. The characteristic of rearranging colors and materials by dismantling the details of the past to give it a modern and sensible expression occupies the minds of many design professionals. Some of the coming trend forecasts of 2011 include observations such as the search for meaningful and personal in the midst of complexity and practicality and quest for innovative and best suitable design elements for human’s adaptability to modern times.

Photographs : Eric d’Hérouville, published at Cote Sud magazine in August/September, 2010

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