Ceiling Art: A Note on Massively Unnecessary Chandeliers

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I’ve been bouncing around the entirety of the Los Angeles, lately, searching for the most massive modern chandelier that exists. Now, I’m sure this isn’t it (gorgeous glass chandelier by Murano, Italy – above) — but it was the most striking piece I’ve come across in over two weeks of looking. Is is fantastically, extraneously opulent? Yes. Does it toe the line between elegance and garishness? Yes. Does it, at some angeles, look like a gigantic jellyfish? Yes.

All the more reason for loving it. Murano chandeliers are — at least for a week or so, until I find something new to obsess about suspending from my ceiling — a personal new favorite lighting source for pieces of extrordinary physical beauty, exceptional artisanship, and sheer room-filling gigantic-ness.

Naturally, something this huge and imported from Milan, the birthplace of all things gorgeous and expensive, costs about the same as a Toyota Prius. However, they range in price, and some of the big ones can be obtained for around 20,000… Euro.

Expensive, but hey. Not everybody can have a ball of twisted light-up glass that inspires conversation about potentially deadly Medusozoa now, can they?

Check out more of the stunning designs by Murano, here.

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