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We’ve all mocked the motivational posters hung in budget-minded offices that feature a little-too-stunning landscapes and themes like “success,” “hard work” and “teamwork.” While we recognize the corniness (and not-the-best aesthetics) of those types of posters now, a motivational and inspirational void was created when those became uncool.

As silly as those posters could be, they did serve a purpose. Who hasn’t needed a little inspiration pick-me-up every now and then? No longer must people stare at their walls and not come away with encouraging words. What was arguably kicked off nearly a decade ago with the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster reinvention and reissue (that has also been redone in a million different variations; keep calm and avoid comic sans, anyone?), has now transformed into a motivational movement that has been going strong for a few years, and only looks to keep going. Today’s motivational posters aren’t corny; they’re cool, graphic and (sometimes) tongue-in-cheek.

Of course, today’s motivational posters aren’t quite posters, either. More like awesomely cool, handmade prints by artists in the creative field. Next time you’re in need of a laugh, a visual pep talk or just a punch of color in your den, check out one of these great options in the trendiest crop of new motivational posters:

Don’t Hold Back $16
When Life Hands You Lemons… $19
This Too Shall Pass $10

Follow Your Bliss $20
Today is the Day $20
Live What You Love $12.50

Good Advice $16.50
Let’s Do This $23
One Day at a Time $12

What are your favorite inspiring motivational posters, new or old?

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  1. Beth

    Oct 19, 2010 at 7:22 am

    I love the “Let’s Do This” poster. My 2 year old says that all the time!

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