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The Knot Cuff

Gustav Reyes Cuff

I have seen several versions of tree rings or rather rings made from trees. None have peaked my interest as much as these. Modern sculptures on the hand made out of wood that show off the grain and the unusual shapes that they are formed in. Gustav Reyes coaxes graceful curves and intersecting circles in woods of maple and walnut, cold bent and hand formed from strips. Beauty is revealed and the rich grain is magnified even at the small level of a ring or bracelet, or perhaps because of its scale.

Organic Coil and The Walnut Cuffs

Gustav Reyes Cuffs

Gustav Reyes Cuffs

Gustav Reyes Rings

His beam rings are definitely architectural elements twisted into something worn on your hand if you dare.

Gustav Reyes Beam Rings

Gustav Reyes strives to reach a balance between form, function and the origin of the material. I think he succeeded don’t you?

Have an infinitely modern day!

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