Patricia Urquiola: Vieques Island


An earlier post at 2Modern design blog
covered Patricia Urquiola's tile work which was delightful! Her focus
on creating industrial products with personality and her approach to
integrate layers of history into the memoriable patterns surely
trigger sensation and success.

Patricia Urquiola's advise for new designers is to find ‚Äúa few
cultural references and people who can give you guidance to develop
your personality,  try to defend your ideas and projects, create your
own formula.”

She created a great formula for
herself; her interiors are sensible, orginal and moving. The colors
are plenty but they are relative and pleasing within the context of
its surrounding.

The dynamics of colors in Urquiola's
interiors can be explained by intuition and observation.

Vieques island

The corners are created with a sense of comfort which drives its energy from colors, lighting and patterns.



The outdoor furniture fits well into
the nature's color scheme and also constitutes a lively drop within the earthy tones of the outdoor structure.


The colors of the pillows intensify
each other with hues that complement and contrast in design. The
lightness of colors gets affected by neighboring tones. The light
source brightens the overall affect.


The colors and patterns in the living
room are not used in a limited manner.

The color design develops
around the amount, shape and placement of each design element in an
interactional manner: The relativity makes the design pleasant and harmonious. 


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