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Name That Mid-Century Modern Designer

Categories: News + Events + Contests

If you love design, chances are you know at least a thing or two about Mid-Century Designers (if not entirely obsessed with all things MCM). But while you’ve no doubt learned a lot about Mid-Century Design styles, patterns, colors and the designers behind it all, have you retained any of this information? School might be out for most of us, but that doesn’t mean our education is over. Each week we’ll have a new Mid-Century Modern designer’s identity for you to guess. We’ll give you a couple of photos, a couple of hints, and then you guess in the comments. We’ll start with an easy one. This week’s hints:

  • Most well-known for his steel-wire furniture
  • Born in the lovely city of Baltimore in 1919
  • His collection was introduced by Knoll in 1966

So who is this mystery Mid-Century Modern master? Guess below in the comments!

Images: Taken from DWR.

5 Comments to "Name That Mid-Century Modern Designer"

  1. I don’t know, but love this furniture!

    • Yeah! You got it James! Thanks for playing our first ever guess the Mid-Century Modern designer! You didn’t win anything but our respect this time, but stay tuned and we may be giving away prizes to winners in coming weeks!

  2. Just love the simplicity curves. Great designs!

  3. This looks good, very modern I like it.

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