Kieran Timberlake – Loblolly House

Architecture & Interiors

Kieran Timberlake won the 2010 Copper-Hewitt National Design Award.

A small firm based in Philadelphia, their work captures the organic way in which the best architecture develops from initial concept.  Taking inspiration from the site conditions, this house is “about the trees within the trees”. The work is deep and incredibly thorough, taking into account the complexity of assemblage and looking responsibly onto the building life-cycle and the disassemblage necessary in the future. Much like the trees, the house has a structural system, from which all parts (walls, mechanical systems, cladding, etc. ) hang. Moreover, light is artfully manipulated both in the buildings orientation and in the careful choreagraphy of the external cladding; internal and external logic is fully defined.





images of the Loblolly Project are taken from the Kieran Timberlake’s website

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