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Modern Etsy: Modern Logic

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

It’s not just sweet designs and cool vintage lines that propel us toward a certain Etsy seller; we sure like a good sense of humor, too. Which is probably why our eyes and ears first perked up when we spotted a lighted mannequin on the front page of the Etsy seller Modern Logic. Lighted mannequins not your thing (weird!)? No problem, we also stumbled across a delightful mix of solid Mid-Century Modern furniture items and colorful accessories. Some in particular grabbing our attention (besides the lighted mannequin, of course):

Gooseneck Lamps $17.50 each (love the description with these—we agree!)
Vintage Mid-Century Modern Bowls $22

Atomic Mid-Century Modern Starburst Clock
Salesman Sample Wireware Sofa (1950s) $85 (The picture’s not the greatest, but we love the ultra-thin profile of this piece. This would be a stylish item to add to a small apartment because it won’t take up a lot of visual weight.)

Danish Style End Table with Built-in Magazine Rack $255
Mid-Century Modern Magazine Holder $34

2 Comments to "Modern Etsy: Modern Logic"

  1. Thank you so very much for discovering my little shop on Etsy!

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