Modern Book Corner: Manhattan Skyscrapers

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If you’ve ever visited a large city’s downtown and looked up, you know that sense of awe that washes over you as sharp angles of a tall highrise building contrast sharply with the softness of the clouds and the bright blue of the sky. If these modern marvels don’t imbue you with a sense of “Yes! Look what humans can do!” then we’re not sure what will.

Though New York City is no longer the city building them the most or the tallest (and not even the first, which was the Home Insurance Building in Chicago), like many things, they took on this architecture trend with gusto and made it their own. This book, Manhattan Skyscrapers, is the third edition, and along with showcasing some of the most important high-rises to ever be built by architects we all know, it also focuses on some of the newest examples of this industrial and architectural feat. You’ll marvel at the gorgeous full color photographs by Norman McGrath, but you’ll also enjoy the education you’ll get from the informative accompanying text by Eric P. Nash.

This book is published by (and can be found at the website of) the Princeton Architectural Press, who also graciously donated this book gratis so that we could review it for 2Modern readers.

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