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As exciting and inspiring as it is to attempt DIY projects that involve lots of power tools and massive changes to whatever free/affordable piece of furniture you’ve found and decided to breathe new life into, not everything has to be so complicated and difficult. In fact, sometimes changing something for the better only involves making the slightest change of perspective (with maybe a few additions).

What on earth are we blathering on about? Turning things upside down to make them other things. Wait—what? Case in point: this cool How-To project from a crafter in San Antonio, Texas.

Rachelle wasn’t sure what she was going to do with the metal planters that her office was throwing away one day, but she sure as heck knew they didn’t belong in the dumpster. It didn’t take her long to realize the perfect solution for them was simple—turn them upside down, add some cushions and enjoy a new, modern-looking outdoor seating set for a balcony or patio!

It doesn’t just have to be physical furniture items that you look at with a new perspective, what about items for art? Okay, so a painting might not look so great hanging upside down, but what about hanging in a different way: like from wire in a window or as a room divider? Or what about making abstract sculptural wall hangings by taking items that would look boring as art on a table top and making them sing by hanging them at weird angles?

Have you seen something affordable or free lately but didn’t take it because you weren’t sure what to do with it? Grab it—consider a different perspective with it, and you just might have a free, easy and fun DIY project on your hands.

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