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Chalkboard paint—an awesome trend that enriches a space or a horrible element that looks tacky? Many people seem to be on the fence with this. If you can wield a paint brush, then you can tackle this DIY trend that is more divisive for folks than animal prints. Some say the trend is all washed up, others say it’s timeless; avoid even jumping into the argument by choosing projects on the small (and adorable side). The major upside? Planning a smaller DIY project means there’s a greater chance of you actually finishing it (and a slim chance of having to live in a half-finished room for a month). Here are five ways to use this crafty paint trend and still maintain a “cool” home status:

Keep it small Choose tiny and small things, like little planters, to chalkboard paint, so you’re only getting a little taste of this trend.

Incorporate cool, custom colors In case you don’t know this yet, prepare to have your mind blown: you can not only make your own chalkboard paint, you can make it in just about any color you want. This is a great way to disguise the fact that you are a chalkboard paint lover (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Keep it useful Don’t get excited and chalkboard paint every surface in your home; keep in mind functionality and create chalkboard paint creations that you’ll actually use, like a calendar in an office or as labels for objects.

Make it artsy Don’t just use your newly painted chalkboard surface as a receptacle for grocery and to-do lists; engage an artsy friend to create an art piece in chalk. When you’re tired of it, just wipe and enlist another artist.

Go big or go home Most of these tips have involved incorporating chalkboard paint into your home as discreetly as possible (as per our suggestion to keep projects small), but there’s another way to be cool with chalkboard paint: make it so bold there’s no denying your love for it. Paint a whole wall, a whole room, a whole door or something similarly large-scaled to create a modern look.

Images: Design Sponge’s bonnie’s chalkboard planting pots post; The Blessed Nest; Martha Stewart; Bolig Magasinet and Living Etc.

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