God as Designer


If I were a designer and I kind of am, but a wise one, I would feel terribly intimidated and frozen in my tracks by the thing, he, she or it we know more commonly as God, Allah etc. that created Autumn. Trees that paint themselves gold, yellow, amber, and crimson, apples, pumpkins, crisp air and still moonlit nights, you get the picture. Frank Gehry quit your practice, Mondrian schmondrian, Van Gogh nice try! I mean mobile fire pits, corrogated cardboard furniture, that new must have rug and sofa from Milano WTF?! Come on guys you’re not the creator, you’re just a totally bizzare and at sometime clever product of “The Creator”, so here’s a look at one of he, she, or it’s better works and yeah I guess that includes us, if we could only wise up, presenting Autumn:

photoimage source: paul+photos=moody

image source: Rachel Citron
image source: paul+photos=moody
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