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Flow, Chiba, Japan, by APOLLO architects

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Satoshi Kurosaki specializes in mini dwellings, many of which willingly sacrifice right angles in order to maximize space on odd-size lots. Kurosaki and his company, APOLLO Architects, design apartment buildings that appear to be equally conservative and clever in the design of individual units in order to get as many as possible into one building. Flow is located in a quiet residential street, near the ocean. The tenants,  a surfer wife and her beautiful 30-something husband run a construction company. They both love the sea so they purchased this site for their new life together.

With the assumption that the house should house two people and their two vehicles, while ensuring their privacy, the family wanted a house plan that aimed for a comfortable living. Individual rooms are located at the first floor for all family members, parents and children, connected with a terrace. Further more on the second floor there is a large living room for family gatherings, with big slit shaped skylights giving an extension of outdoor living. This as well as the rooftop garden, give a sense of continuity in mind with a comfortable distance from the surrounding buildings.

Of course  someone can enjoy life as a single person, with a dog or a cat, having his space, but at the same time communicating with the family. Both husband and wife love modern furniture, a taste which is advanced enough to use the sofas and tables and chairs of Mario Berini and Le Corbusier. Big glass partitions contribute to the modern style while the slanting façade breaks down the concrete volume and lightens up the building.

2 Comments to "Flow, Chiba, Japan, by APOLLO architects"

  1. This place looks amazing!

  2. I couldn’t tell this was a apartment from the first picture, but it looks very impressive, I love innovative designs, and this is definitely one of them.

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