Featured Design Element: Painted Stairs

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Stairs are an important element to any space. For a very long time they were the only thing that got a building’s occupants from point a on the ground floor, to point b on a higher floor. But, with the advent of elevators, stairs fell out of vogue. What was once the main vertical circulation of a structure was now delegated to emergency exits only.

But not any more. Recent years have seen stairs brought back to the lime light, heralded again not just as means of getting to higher floors, but as a way to combat complacency. That’s why we not only take note of great stairwells, but stairs that are painted a bold, bright color.

Any help stairs can get for noticing, the better! Images: Henning Larsen; Cococozy; Sugar Pie Express; House of Turquoise; Absolutely Beautiful Things and Apartment Therapy.

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