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Featured Artist: Yago Hortal

Categories: Art + Graphics

If you’re looking for artwork to meekly exist in the background like the nerdy wallflower at your middle school dance, Yago Hortal isn’t the artist for you. His work is like a visual representation of life itself on canvas: bold, brash, moving, complicated and colorful. This Spanish artist uses techniques that seem almost accidental: pooling paint swirling together (seemingly) randomly to more controlled, visible brush strokes all coming together to create post-post modern alien landscapes that don’t really seem connected to anything.

We love the ones on plain white backgrounds the most. The colorful abstract subjects swirl dangerously around the canvas, seeming to pick up speed and slow down at intervals, but without actually moving at all. The depth to his pieces draws your eyes into the composition and doesn’t let you leave. We can’t help but notice the contrast between the reality of the medium (acrylic on canvas) and the illusion these pieces present: they almost look like digital art. Of course our favorite thing about these pieces is their versatility: we could see one of these canvases playing nice with a starkly modern interior, or knocking the socks off of a traditionally decorated room.

Hortal recently showed in the states at the exhibit “ROJO NOVA Artscapes” at the Scion Space Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles September 18th – October 10th. See more of his work on his website.

One Comment to "Featured Artist: Yago Hortal"

  1. i love your work .its wounderfull work .i am fashion designer and co artist .i love your colour application and colorful illusion abstract.

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