Featured Artist: Wendy MacNaughton

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We’ve got a soft spot for quirky, handmade art. When said art combines our love of diagrams, well, it’s almost too much for us to handle. We’re really loving the ink and watercolor creations of artist Wendy MacNaughton. First spotted on the fabulous site that is 20X200, we simply had to check out what else was in this creative young lady’s repertoire. We were the opposite of disappointed.

Our favorites are “Things Happen” and “Zones of Proximity Development.” Introspective-producing and nice to look at, these Venn Diagrams feature soft colors and biomorphic shapes swimming in seas with discernable brush marks.

And lest you think she’s all scientific measurement and no fun, she’s got plenty of other art options to choose from, including several tongue-in-cheek ink drawings and watercolor paintings (right up our alley).

By any definition a professional commuter, MacNaughton describes her work as reflections of “the inner worlds of commuters: the quirks, anxieties, and above all the isolation—despite their proximity to others.”

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