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The worlds of fashion and interiors have always intertwined pretty intimately, both borrowing from one another and back again, until you hardly know who starts what trend. In our weekly fashion/interiors posts, we’ll talk about trends in both worlds that we see jumping into the next, and maybe even give you some head starts on how to incorporate the look into your own home!

Military-inspired clothes are making a big comeback this season on the runways and on the streets. We can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone in a chic olive-green jacket with big buttons. What’s so great about this trend is its focus on simplicity, functionality and utility—all great elements that blend seamlessly into a modern aesthetic. There’s no need to make your living room look like army barracks, but we’ve got some ideas that might bring a little military chic into your home:

Olive, of course There’s a particular shade of green that instantly stirs up images of army fatigues. Olive green is a fabulous color not just because it’s seen on many military uniforms, but because it’s soft enough to be a neutral in a space but also bold enough that home furnishings really pop. See some more olive room inspiration here and here.

The obvious Military-inspired items or actual military items bring an immediate air of authenticity. Go big with furniture items or take it easy with fun accessories like old ammunition boxes, maps and more. A few items we found perusing online:
Military Laundry Bags $7
Vintage Wool Military Blankets $48
Vintage Ammunition Storage Boxes $28
Antique Map $22
Official Military Whistle $12
Field Desk $299
Swiss Military Field Desk $110

The not-so-obvious Tough-looking home décor like industrial accessories can add a look of utility to a space and go hand in hand with a military theme. The best way to incorporate industrial? Lighting. Check out just a few we found on Circa Lighting’s website:
Small Siena Flush Mount
Country Industrial Pendant
Large Country Industrial Pendant
Yoke Pendant

Images: Hip Girlie; Diva Village; Imaxtree for NY Mag; Apartment Therapy; Desire to Inspire

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