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There’s something about the West. It’s such a magical place of colors, warmth and style: deserts, warm colors, lots of sunshine and yes, sometimes bold bands of hues that become striated color palettes. We’re not sure if this could be considered a full-blown interior or fashion trend yet, but when we came across a few of these interior and fashion items in the same week, we couldn’t help but draw parallels. We submit evidence for your approval:

These awesome striped thread necklaces found on Fashion Gone Rogue could bring some colored band style to any outfit. Awesome bonus? The blog Honestly…WTF made a sweet how-to post so you can make your own.

We first spotted this cool art project on Design For Mankind, and it was created by the artist Ginette Lapalme. We sort of wish we had a ton of them for our home, just laying around.

We just thought these colorful, striped pillows from World Market match the color band striped theme well.

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