Emerging Designer: RAD Furniture

Modern Decor

RAD Furniture is a perfect example of what kinds of designers and creatives we’re trying to highlight for this weekly post. RAD’s not necessarily new—they’ve been creating sweet modern furniture for a few years (you might check out this cool Apartment Therapy post to see some older furniture styles of this company).

But recently he and his team of loyal RADians (we totally just made that word up) have been hard at work pioneering new processes, playing with new materials and all around creating bada– new designs. In the words of the immortal LeVar Burton, don’t just take our word for it (see for yourself):

Flying high from a successful retail pop-up shop to celebrate the launch of their new website (which features customizable options that we promise you’ve never seen before), we predict continued and growing success for this hot Austin-based modern furniture design firm.

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