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Coming Soon in Professional Advice…

Categories: Professional Advice

Could your space use some help? Even if you read all the design blogs in the world, you still might need some aid in getting your space just how you want it. Or you might just need advice on where to go to find a certain item you’ve been looking for. You could even simply just not be able to make up your mind about a color palette.

In this section, you’ll soon be able to see real life design problems answered by design professionals. And guess what? We’re looking for you to submit design issues! You can send in your questions two ways: through our contact form, or you can even submit an actual post through our guest post form. If you can, try to send in a photo with your issue. We’ll then get to work finding the answer for your specific design dilemma and post it on the blog so others can get help, too!

Photo by Flickr user kevinmarsh, licensed for use under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic.

4 Comments to "Coming Soon in Professional Advice…"

  1. This will be an exciting new section! Can’t wait!

  2. how soon will this be ready? i need some advice.

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