Blue Monday: Brilliant Blue Bath

Modern Decor

Blue is the ultimate optimistic color, isn’t it? Who among us can stare up at a brilliantly azure-colored sky and not think things are going to turn out alright? Forget all the associations the color has with sadness (we think that’s just an awful rumor started from other, more jealous colors), we think blue—in particular, a bold, bright, aqua blue—is a fabulous edition to any space (especially a modern one). Each week we’ll bring your six items that wear blue quite fetchingly.

Today’s theme: bath. In our hectic world, the few moments we spend in our bathrooms getting ready in the morning can sometimes feel like the only time we get to ourselves any more (multiply this feeling by two for every roommate/kid you have). Make each one of those moments count by spending it in a bathroom you like. Use blue to put pep in your step by brightening up the whole space with little but powerful pops. (Bonus? If you have a lot of work left to do on your home or are just aching for a redesign, your bathroom is a great place to refresh because it’s small and easy to make a big impact!)

Kontextür Neon+Squared Curtain Rings $50
Bird Soap Set $12

Jonathan Adler Soap Dish
100 PCS little fish, Wall Vinyl Decals Sticker

Glass Knobs Cabinet Hardware in Tahitian Waters Blue $16
Kikkerland Bath Mat $8

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