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Modern Art moments…all kinds of art make me happy. I have a soft spot in my heart for people who can express their words in this type of medium. Funky, classic, off-beat, simple-I love it ALL!

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Design Milk featured NY interior designer, Laura Day . This image reminded me of my fondness for art…read the whole story here. LOVE the skate decks above the bed. Back in the day, I had a few above my bed and always loved that look. 

Even the word 'ART' makes my heart tingle…if I ever have a son, his name just may be Art…

Social Networking sarcasm…spotted on MocoLoco. Art by Filippo Minelli.

Stunning Paper Artworks by a German artist, Simon Schubert. See the whole feature here on Wallpaper.

Installation art is one of my favorites. Pushing limits and boundaries is always the mark of an interesting artist…. Found this one on dornob. 1600 Stacked chairs…curious why she stopped at 1600…She IS the artist- it's all up to her!


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