“You must know that hell exists because you already live in it”



Just saw The American. Engaging,
great panoramic shots of the Apennines and Abruzzo region of Italy, not
to mention frozen lakes in the blue fading light of a Swedish winter
day. And George Clooney more uptight and nervous
than you've ever seen him in any movie, always one eye over his shoulder, passable plot, and lots of suspense.
Also featuring a charming and worldly Italian priest/emissary of God
and a blonde cold hearted British murderess. Dark street lamp lit
alleys and footsteps down dark cobbled medieval paths, creeps watching
you from cars, it's no wonder George is nervous! No tech, just old
world nuts and bolts spy/assassin craft! No ipads or ibooks just small
pocketable berettas and bespoke sniper rifles! "I can run him down with my ipad!"
We won't let you know if George makes it out of the hellish world he
inhabits to live with his va-va-va-VOOM Italian prostitue! You'll just
have to see the movie and find out for yourself!

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