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Loukas Residence – Vardas Studio

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Juxtaposed to the ancient ruins of this Greco-Roman ancient island, Cyprus holds treasures not only from the past but modern day, such as the architecture of Vardas Studio.  Andreas Vardas established Vardas Studio in 1997 with a philosophical focus of simplicity of form responding to the environmental conditions, the site of the project and the subtropical-mediterranean climate.  









Legend has it that Cyprus is where the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, was born.  It is obvious that Vardas has a love for the island and love of his craft.  Juxtaposing the circle and the rectangle in his design of the Loukas residence, special interior and exterior create a geometrical experience with the semi-circle pool as an expression of its center.   A modern expression with echos of ancient civilizations.   

Have an infinitely modern day!

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