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Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

It's getting colder out, and that means it's time to utilize the fireplace. Whether or not you own one or would like to make one, below are a couple designs from AK47 as well as a DIY project from Karen Bertelson, my new favorite blogger.

I've been wanting to build a firepit for my deck, and Karen Bertelson's DIY Firepit is perfect: Modern as well as inexpensive. (How I love inexpensive DIY projects) Materials include any metal planter, wire mesh, glass frames, marine silicone, gel fuel, and cheap rocks which you can get for around $2.DSC_0810-e1283134623814



AK47 also has a smart, modern way of storing your fireplace necessities. The flexible furniture molds to it's contents, and can store anything from firewood, to newspapers.

Flex_1 Unique-Chair-Multifunction-by-AK47

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