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I love the idea behind this über simple pet bed created by the good folks behind Hindsvik, a shop specializing in vintage goods.  Shop owners Daniel and Valeria set out to create a cozy nook for their cat, Lambi, while still maintaining the aesthetic of their modern, Scandinavian-inspired home.  Using plywood, they built a simple cube, re-enforced it with hidden brackets, and then constructed a soft flannel cushion to go inside.


The real reason this bed works so well is the fact that it blends seamlessly with their plywood floors.  You might not be able to achieve such a unified look in your own home, but this is definitely a great jumping off point.  Imagine covering the exterior with a colorful carpet tile – instant scratching post!  Or wallpaper.. or staining it to match your floor.. The possibilities are endless!

Check out Daniel and Valeria’s post for a how-to guide and more photos.

Meanwhile, what do you think?  Would something like this work in your home?  How would you customize it?  Share in the comments!

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