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moon chair – HStudio

Am I dreaming or did I just wake up and is it the 90‚Äôs?  Fashion these days is a reinterpretation of the 80‚Äôs and 90‚Äôs.  Why should furniture be any different?   We have seen the revival of acrylic, and for some of us it never left.  But now it is back in a big way with furniture designers adding their own expressions  mixing fabrics, steel, wood and texture with acrylic in fun colors and prints.  Not that acrylic isn‚Äôt fabulous all on its own, we do love something thrown into the mix.   

Here are a few notables.  

The Tuilleries Coffee Table from Spectrum West mixing wood and acrylic.  



French-born and tokyo-based designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has created the 'shibafu table'.
56 slender colored acrylic sticks are randomly arranged into a piece of transparent acrylic,
creating an aesthetic, reminiscent of a colorful shibafu or lawn.  Add a chair and you have a set.




Founded by designer Jean Christophe Bernard, Acrila of France.  The innovative Acrila team has designed furnishing ranging from pop art  to baroque and painted city scapes.
Admiral Bench – HStudio


Wilson Chair – HStudio      Hstudio by Shlomi Haziza which was founded in the early 1990‚Äôs.  



AVF-Brilliant-Lucite-Console-Red Front-6x4
Red Console – AVF

Ice Acrylic Table -AVF

And from the The House of Alexandera Von Furstenburg bright almost neon colors captivate.  Still modern and chic today as it was decades ago is what I say.

I even have a couple of acrylic bar stools myself.

Have an infinitely modern day!  

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