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2Modern Design Brief

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Reclaimed re-uses – modern, clever and refreshed….

duh? right?? It's so logical, simple and modern. image courtesy of mod remod


Earlier this summer, Dwell mag featured this incredibly cool and curiously tree-house like home. Ever since then, I have been dreaming about the Jakarta domicile and how to re-incarnate the reclaimed sliding doors. I am dying to 're-use' this idea!

Reclaimed Chesnut = rebirth into musical magic. Image found on Salvoweb. A unique site for reclaimed treasures and inspirations.

Is this what I think it is? Modern Chicken coop — airstream inspired. Found on Jetson Green.

One Comment to "2Modern Design Brief"

  1. People have less time. If your living room has a lot of traditional handicrafts and brass ornaments and decorations, if you have heavy velvet curtains, you can spend a lot of time cleaning them.

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