The Lair, by Rick Bzowy, Tazmania

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If someone said to you "Let's stay at The Lair", you would immediately think of a seedy, dark, urban place full of booze, promises and one-night stands. Surprisingly, this Lair is anything but. Built in an isolated spot on the east coast of Tasmania, surrounded by 40 acres of unspoilt forest with a stunning view of the Tasmanian Sea and Blue Oyster Bay, The Lair, a retreat designed and owned by the architect Rick Bzowy is a magnificent jewel in Australia's tourism treasure chest.


The architect first saw the site back in 1984, on holidays from Melbourne. Twenty years later he is back in Tasmania, buying land that reminded him of something. Looking through his photographs, he found the ones taken in 1984 of the very same land he had just acquired, twenty years to the week. Two years later, he started working on the building itself: making the blue prints, the models of the house, starting and supervising the construction.


The Lair is only a pair of suites, one on either end of the building, sharing the kitchen and the living room/dining room, which are decorated sparsely, with stone floors and monochromatic fittings. There is an outdoor kitchen as well, and a wealth of media in the well stocked library. The owner greets the guests personally and then disappears only to make himself available when needed. 


There is also a spa deck, leading to the outdoor kitchen, with a pool that you can plug your iPod so that one can listen to his favourite music while relaxing watching the incredible vistas. The finest fixtures and fittings from around the world have been used here, laid out with Bzowy's favourite furniture from B + B and Cassina, the evening moods set by Artemide; a haven of simple Tasmanian craftsmanship.


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