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Roland Bello  photographs still life, food, interiors and fashion.

The pictures in this post represent only a small portion of his work and style.

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These pictures in the white scheme stand for simplicity,purity and quietness.

White is one of the colors found in the minimalism palette.

White is also the sum of all colors in light: this is called additive mixture.

Lidewij Edelkoort, a Dutch trend forecaster for concepts,color and materials announced the consumer lifestyle trends for the spring/summer of 2011. White is one of the colors that she predicts to be favored by the consumer markets. She defines the white within a story titled " Evanescent Elegance".


  The story is about layering. It is light and transparent, airy and uplifting. It is without pomposity.

tailoring, the shirt, matt and shiny, crisp, washed shantung, linen,
cotton, transparency, sheer, tailored, tapered, mother of pearl
colouring, white washed and white on white.

White hot
According to the Pantone's color newsletter the Tones:

in design
has often been a tenet of minimalism or a driver of
simplification and cost reduction. But today’s white represents
quite the opposite: expansive magical thinking, openness, unlimited
possibility. As we enter an era of optimism, the white page, the
blank canvas, the clean slate – all of these connote a sense of new
beginnings and reflect a new open mindset and a world of creative
opportunity. Moreover, our new desire for white reflects our emerging
need for purity and clarity, to grasp what is crucial and necessary,
to conduct a moral inventory and rethink the essence of life. The new
white gives us both the terrain of unlimited possibility and a
compass for personal navigation. It’s no wonder that today’s
architects, interior decorators and industrial, automotive and
fashion designers all seem to be on the white path once

Steven van der Kruit,

Prospective & Trends Director, Perfumery Division, Firmenich

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  1. Kelly

    Aug 5, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I love white & black… my last kitchen was white and black — bright white floors and cabinets with black countertops…. I miss my old condo so much :-)

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