Maltzan and Marklee

Architecture & Interiors

 Color and light are the major elements
in man-made environments. Not only do they provide aesthetically
pleasing and illuminated spaces but they also influence psychological
reactions and physiological well-being.

 White is a symbol of the Modern
movement in architecture. Its simplicity yet
worldliness present a sense of floating in space. White serves
Johnston Marklee, a
Los Angelos architect, well; he uses complex layering of materials to
form transparent interiors.

 Hill House, Pacific Palisades, 2004

Built on an inclined hillside, this
house aims to maximize the convergence of the interior and the
exterior. It also minimizes the intersection of the interior walls to
the roof plane so as to make it less noticeable. Often, white is
selected as the ideal color to accomplish this. White on ceilings
helps to distribute light and reduce shadows. The use of white on
walls is sometimes considered to have “no energy,” but in this
case it provides continuity, maximization of space and transparency.


Another contemporary architect,Michael Maltzan,
is known for his focus on low-income housing. He designed the Carver Apartments in Los Angeles to help
stabilize the community. For Maltzan, the building
became part of the
. Its white cylindrical exterior is broken into
vertical ridges which appear to be moving. A touch of yellow in
certain places adds a sense of motion, lightening the mood of the

Carver Apartments by Michael Maltzan Architecture 03

Maltzan and Marklee both make use of
layering materials, light, and form while taking the engagement of
the individual with his or her environment and the need for private
space into account. The movement of the concrete material produces
details, texture and beauty in abstract forms.



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