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Green Chicken

Categories: Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects

Jaime Hayon has a sparkling and vivid
imagination.Not only does he like to dream but he also lives his dreams.
His lively mind reflects the way he uses colors, creates fun
shapes, brings unique humor, reinvents function and adds inventive
effects. His work attracts attention because it looks new, fun and
fresh in the vast world of design.

Green chicken

He explores the shape of the chicken by
focusing on its size and characteristics. He turns it into "Green chicken":- a modern piece of art and also- a rocking chair.


At the London Design Festival in 2009, Jaime Hayon installed "The Tournament", a gigantic chess set made of ceramic pieces over a
mosaic glass chess board. Each of the 32 pieces have been hand-crafted
and painted by Jaime Hayon.


His bold yet playful spirit is
entertaining, but also represents a new wave of creating through the synthesis of art and design within a contemporary context.


Besides the freshness of his work, he
is an eccentric fellow who shows up in different costumes in the

Gandg Purple


One Comment to "Green Chicken"

  1. I love Jaime Hayon! The chess pieces are great! He obviously has a fantastic sense of humor.

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