East meets West by Tonio de Roover

Modern Decor


The East Meets West Sofa measures 950 mm in height and 1600 mm in breath. Weighing a hefty 41kgs, the sofa makes a sculptural presence , certainly not satisfied merely as a utility object. 

According to the designer, his creation also symbolizes “a flying carpet that wants to rise from the earth” and the meeting of the Western and Eastern minds.Tonioderooveremw1 The East Meets West sofa by Tonio de Roover fuses oriental carpets with
the fluidity of western sofa aesthetic, resulting in a cool sofa for
those who love carpets but do not want to sit on the floor. The
artistic patterns of the carpets add a rich dimension to the sofa that
you can not get with normal fabrics.


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  1. Alice

    Aug 6, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Clever idea but they don’t work for me really.

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