Artist Designed Mini-Golf a new fad?

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Through September 16, the Salt Lake Art Center boasts 19 holes of indoor mini golf – a great way to beat the heat. Club sizes come in mini through tall adult and you can pick any golf ball color you would like, they have a rainbow of choices.


19 artists from Utah and the rest of the country designed and built the
18 holes.  The exhibit is free and you can play each of the holes!

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis did a course in 2008 – article about it here.



Back in March 2010, students at the Columbus College of Art and Design built a course that "nclude[d] a scale model of CCAD's campus
created by its students
and a pirate ship by Indianapolis arts group Primary Colors, along with
others that incorporate
electricity, game show reverence, bad family photos, comic book panels
and… a waterfall.
(Holes that incorporated fire, glass bottles and gigantic ladyparts made
of green carpet were nixed
from the course,)" said Columbus Alive.

Screen shot 2010-08-14 at 3.51.42 PM

The most interesting part of the article for me was this excerpt, "Future plans for a throwdown among the city's various art schools are in
the works,"

As an art school graduate myself, I suspect that a throwdown between students can only result in huge leaps in innovation within art making.

Art can definitely be fun for the whole family! Go see some now!

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