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Angela Adams :: Fall 2010

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Oh, look at me go!  I'm such a sucker for Angela Adams (I even saved up my pennies and bought her Canopy/Indigo rug after coveting it for nearly three years).  As an Angela fan, I'm always excited when she announces new patterns and colorways.  For example, her beloved "Ocean" pattern is getting a warm, mossy-green makeover for Fall 2010.

Reminiscent of seaweed or a lush forest floor, this new colorway will be available in October 2010 in six sizes.  Prices will range from $349 – $1950.  For now, check out all available rugs here.

So how 'bout it… anyone else an Angela Adams fan?  What's your favorite pattern and/or colorway?

4 Comments to "Angela Adams :: Fall 2010"

  1. We have four Angela Adams rugs that are all different patterns but complimentary colors. I absolutely adore each and every one, and hope to add to the collection again in 2011!

  2. Shuzluva – Ooo!! Which rugs do you have? Do tell! :)

  3. Especially like the Ocean patterned shown, I think its the strongest piece in the group. Something about the landscape like quality of the pattern, reminds me of the new installation in Time Square by the artist Molly Dillworth:

  4. Love the design, depth, and use of colour. I would love for Angela to do a collection for us…

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